New Ranking Production Coffee in The World

Posted: 27 April 2008 in All About Kopi

Brazil is world leader in production of green coffee followed by Vietnam and then Indonesia.

Top Ten Green Coffee Producers — 2005
Country Production (Int $1000) Footnote Production (MT) Footnote
Flag of Brazil Brazil 1,781,684 C 2,179,270
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam 809,384 C 990,000 *
Flag of Indonesia Indonesia 622,986 C 762,006
Flag of Colombia Colombia 558,050 C 682,580
Flag of Mexico Mexico 254,148 C 310,861 F
Flag of India India 224,829 C 275,000
Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia 212,566 C 260,000 F
Flag of Guatemala Guatemala 177,084 C 216,600 F
Flag of Honduras Honduras 155,860 C 190,640
Flag of Uganda Uganda 152,066 C 186,000 F
No symbol = official figure,F = FAO estimate, * = Unofficial figure, C = Calculated figure;
Production in Int $1000 have been calculated based on 1999-2001 international prices
Source: Food And Agricultural Organization of United Nations: Economic And Social Department: The Statistical Devision

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